Happy Singles Week? What’s So Happy About It?

singlesThis week is National Singles Week (September 19 to 25) -- apparently the world (not just our in-a-relationship friends) feels so sorry for us, that others feel the need to give us an entire week to "celebrate" our singledom.

According to the American Singles Education, Inc. (gawd, there's an inc.?) we singles are the "Rodney Dangerfields of our society." Ouch.

The chairman goes on to say, "They can't get no respect." Also:

"Singles are the victims of systematic discrimination, particularly in the areas of Taxes, Insurance, Retirement Benefits, Employee Benefits, Housing, and Unemployment Benefits."

Yes. Because tax deductions are what we really want, what we really think of when we wake up by ourselves, hugging our pillow.


For those of you that are proudly waving your ringless hands in the air between sips of cocktails, props to you. I'm happy that you're happy. But the majority of us singles are not. Okay, so we're happy in general (hopefully), but when it comes to our relationship status, when given the option of having someone to share our hopes and dreams with, or ordering Chinese take-out solo on a Friday night, it's pretty obvious which one has the better deal.

It's not that I'm ashamed of being single, I just haven't met him yet (*cue Michael Buble song). And I'm perfectly comfortable with that. But am I going to celebrate my independence? No thanks, I'll save that for the Fourth of July.

So, even though I know you mean well National Singles Week, thanks, but no thanks. You can have your celebratory cocktail, I've had my fill.

If you are single, are you celebrating National Singles Week?


Image via exfordy/Flickr


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