Foods That Heal a Broken Heart

Everyone knows that after a break-up, you should plan to drown your sorrows in buckets of Ben and Jerry's while watching sad movies and cry over the phone (and in person) to your girlfriends, but what other foods do we eat to mend a broken heart?

Most of us have had at least one crappy break-up and no matter which side of the breaking up you were on, it's never fun.

What is fun, however, is the calorie fest that follows. Did you know that calories consumed after a break-up are metabolized quicker than other ones?

I'm almost serious. Here are some break-up favorites:


  1. Wine: There is nothing like a bottle of Chianti shared between girlfriends after a bad break-up. Don't go too crazy. Sad and hungover isn't a fun combo. But one bottle will make the hurt go away and help avoid trouble the next day.
  2. Ice cream: Obviously. A spoon, a tub, and you. Many flavors. This isn't the time to be sparing or go low-fat.
  3. Hard liquor: Drink a margarita (or two). Same rules apply as with the wine. Don't go too crazy. But tequila does numb the pain, at least for a few hours.
  4. Nutella: This is cheating a bit since Nutella is pretty much awesome for all life changes. Spread it on fresh baked bread and forget you even knew the loser.
  5. Fresh-baked cookies/brownies: Baking it takes your mind off things and eating it (out of the pan, no less) is even better.
  6. Tube of cookie dough: Eating a disgusting tube of raw cookie dough is typically frowned upon, especially at the fancy parties you likely attended with your ex.
  7. Heavy garlic: Nobody cares! Eat the whole clove. Eat five cloves! Enjoy not having anyone reject your kisses.
  8. Burgers and fries: Anything greasy or gross that you didn't feel comfortable ingesting in front of the ex. It's the perfect time to chow down!
  9. Dark chocolate: Might as well get some antioxidants while you wallow.
  10. Cheese: Rich, delicious cheese. Stinky cheese. Enjoy it alone.
  11. Cupcakes: Buy the biggest, fluffiest one. Then buy 11 more. Bring them home and mow. Hey! You just broke up. It's OK. You can worry about the calories when you're less emotional.
  12. Twix bars/Hershey bars: There is nothing like a night at the movies and bad chocolate with the ladies to help forget what's-his-name.

What do you like to eat after a break-up?


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