Dating Advice From Jan Brady?

Eve PlumbWould you take dating advice from a girl who invented a fake boyfriend named George Glass, put lemon juice on her face to get rid of her freckles, and rode her bike into a wall because she didn’t want to wear her glasses?

Not a gal with the most common sense when it comes to relationships.

How about taking that advice from Eve Plumb, the actress who played the girl in question, Jan Brady? Still no? Well, how about going to see a firmly tongue-in-cheek Off-Broadway play where she portrays a throwback agony-aunt, doling out old-fashioned advice culled from classic advice books from days of yore?

Now you’re talking …


A new play about to hit New York is the brain-child of Abigail Grotke, who amassed a huge collection of books including Female Beauty, as Preserved and Improved by Regimen, Cleanliness, and Dress (published in 1840), How to Make Love: The Secret of Wooing and Winning the One You Love (published in 1936), and Sex Practice in Marriage (published in 1951). She began putting some of the outdated advice on the web, and ended up taking on a sort of old-school persona -- through an advice column, a book, and now this play.

Never mind that some irony-impaired outlets seem to have missed the point -- Miss Abigail isn’t really calling for a return to traditional values. She’s kinda making fun of them. But any press is good press, right?

The show’s website is fun -- if you can’t make it to the show, at least you can sign up to ask Miss Abigail a question yourself, and get vintage answers to modern questions. With source material that would make Joan from Mad Men happy -- “Realize Man is your adversary, and that you must fight him, but realize it with a little thrill of anticipation, not with anger or resentment” -- you can’t help but snicker. And who knows? You might learn a thing or two.

Anyway, it’s awesome to see Jan Brady finding love at last -- even if it is the love between an audience and a main character.


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