'Twilight' Would Be a Better Book If It Had More Sex


You can bite me, but don't you dare kiss me.

If you've managed to get through all four books in the Twilight series, you know there's plenty of violence and a dramatic love story throughout each book. But there's one thing that's missing until the very last book: hot, steamy human/vampire sex.

And there wasn't even anything hot and steamy about it.

*Spoiler Alert*

Breaking Dawn author Stephenie Meyer left out all the erotic details between Edward's and Bella's first romp in the sack. Bella simply wakes up with a bunch of bruises, with some torn-up pillows and an abused headboard.

She recalls that the sex was great, but readers are left in the dark as to what exactly was so great about it.

James Franco, of Spider-Man, Eat Pray Love, and Milk fame, who's currently getting a PhD in English from Yale, actually had some intelligent things to say about the franchise, but admitted he quit reading the book after the anticlimactic human/vamp sex scene.


James Franco
He's even seen the movies.

While promoting his new movie 127 Hours, the literary scholar/perfect man told MTV News he was "fascinated" by the franchise. But he never finished the last book:

"I read a part of it. I think I got to the sex scene, but it was so brief, I didn't even know if it was the actual sex scene," he admitted. "It was kind of a letdown after all that buildup."

Is Dr. Franco on to something? A fetus eats its way out of Bella's body toward the end of the Breaking Dawn, which is described in graphic detail -- but the sex scenes in the books, even after Bella turned vamp, were as PG as "my lips were suddenly very busy" and "our bodies were perfectly intertwined" and "it was so much better than when I was human" (note: I ad-libbed, and hey, none of us actually know what it was like for her when she was human!).

It's kind of typical in our entertainment world: Violence = no big deal. Sex = oh hell no, my poor children's virgin eyes!

Hey, Twilight is no True Blood, nor should it be. Perhaps describing that sex scene in more detail would've turned off young girls and mothers alike, the ones who are so important to Meyer's fan base. And describing sex in a young adult novel could be a tricky feat: What constitutes too much for growing, impressionable minds?

But three books of no sex during an epic love story and then pretty much skipping over the sex when the first time finally came is a turn-off. After novels' worth of "Marry me Bella, then we'll get freaky," you could imagine how that much anticipation would lead to some page-turning nookie; I would've loved to know more about that first encounter after all that hype. And just because you ignore sex doesn't mean it somehow ceases to exist.

You also have to wonder how they're going to handle depicting the sex and violence in the fourth movie. If I see Bella vomiting up blood with her stomach busted open by a half-vampire/half-child fetus but then only see the kissing that led up to said child's conception, I'm going to be highly disappointed ... and I'm sure James Franco would be too.

Does the lack of details about Bella's and Edward's first time together bother you too? Or do you think it'd detract from the love story?


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