Are You Lying About Being Hot?

hot or notThe next time you look in the mirror and say, "You sexy devil!" you might want to keep in mind a new study that says we all think we're more attractive than everyone else.

Or you might want to continue saying to yourself, "You sexy devil!" if it makes you feel good. I know I will.

Regardless, in the 30 and under set, 30 percent of men and 28 percent of women rated themselves with an 8 or above on that 1 to 10 scale of attractiveness. That's a lot of people feeling good about themselves, even though if you scan a room it's rare to find that many 8 to 10s.

To which I say, hooray! You should think of yourself as being on the top of the hot scale. If you don't think you're attractive, no one else will either.

But say you really, really, really want to find out if you have "it." There's a quiz for that.


Oprah has a charisma quiz, which tells you if you can attract people to you or repel them. Of course, just reading these questions tells you where you're going to fall on the magnetism scale:

When I hear great music, my body automatically starts moving to the beat.

I think we all know if you're not moving to the beat, you're the wallflower. Or at least according to this quiz.

Everyone hears me when I laugh; it's a jovial and buoyant sound.

So you quiet, sexy laughers should pack it in -- you don't got it.

I sometimes forget to put food back in the refrigerator.

Now this one may seem confusing at first, but it's quite simple. You're an a-hole if you keep leaving the milk out. But wait, what if you leave the milk out because you're late to a fabulous disco party and simply cannot be bothered? Hmm, perhaps this milk temperature measuring quiz is smarter than I thought.

So, how attractive are you?


Image via pputz2001/Flickr

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