Have a Daughter? You'll Probably Get Divorced

Your daughter is secretly plotting to destroy your marriage

Actually, it is less that and more that you will end up preferring her company to that of your husband. At least that's what Psychology Today would have us believe.

The article, which was published in late August and dissected studies that have shown couples more likely divorce if they have daughters, theorized that the reason for this is the fact that girls lighten the workload in the house while boys add to it, especially as they get older.

Women are now the ones who leave in 73 percent of divorcing couples, and the writer theorizes that women with daughters are more likely to be among them because they're counting on their daughters for companionship.

I breathed a big sigh of relief when I read that one. Because, although I have a daughter (and a son), I know she will not destroy my marriage. Here are a few reasons:

  • My daughter is not that into me: I have no doubt that my 3-year-old would rather hang out with an old shoe than with her boring mommy. Sure she loves me when I'm doling out popsicles and lollipops and when she skins her knee, but she isn't exactly beating down my door to hang with me.
  • My daughter doesn't help: My son is a much better cleaner-upper than his sister who would mostly prefer throwing temper tantrums to helping me do much of anything.
  • My daughter adores her daddy: I have no doubt that if I ever left her dad, she would choose his side since she thinks the sun rises and sets on him.
  • My daughter isn't known for her sensitivity: She is a lovely child, but she is 3. My daughter's biggest concern is herself, her needs, her cheerio cup being full. If I'm sad or sick or tired, she's more annoyed than supportive.
  • I love my hubby: My kid isn't going to be my bestie anytime soon and that's OK by me. I have my own bestie. My husband.

Good thing we're happily married!

Do you think daughters cause divorce?

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