5 Odd Inventions for Better Sex

foreskin restoration deviceLooking for a penile constrictor ring? How about a therapeutic apparatus to reduce the strain on your body while you're having sex?

Rumor has it that necessity is the mother of invention. So, chances are that whatever type of device you're looking for has already been invented and patented with the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Here are 5 thought-provoking, sex-related inventions:

Foreskin Restoration Device (Patent number 6,579,227)

Invented for men who have been circumcised but want their foreskin back. The plastic cone-shaped device is worn daily, on the end of the penis, for 4 to 8 hours and, over a period of 1 to 3 years, stretches the skin over the head to restore some of the surgically removed foreskin. 


In addition to stretching the skin, the process also purports to stimulate new skin cells and allow men to regain some of their sensitivity. This invention has made it to the market and is sold under a variety of names including the TLC Tugger.

Mechanized Orgasm Producing Apparatus (Patent number 3,910,262)

Guaranteed to electronically force you to orgasm. This machine is fitted with male and female attachments: a massage sleeve for men and a rubber plunger for women. A piston alternately pushes and pulls air through the two tubes to stimulate orgasm. It's patented for therapeutic use but, as mentioned in the patent application, could also be used in sperm banks to facilitate donations.

Anti-Nocturnal Emission Bridle (Patent number 397,106)

You won't dare have a wet dream while wearing this device. As noted in the patent application, many devices of this type, meant to prevent "involuntary spermatic discharges," were patented in the late 1800s. The bridle, similar to that used on a horse, is fitted on to the head of the wearer's penis and secured to the wearer's body by metal clasps attached to their pubic hair. If the penis becomes erect, the pubic hair gets pulled and the wearer will be awakened.

Intercourse Aiding Apparatus (Patent Number 3,896,787)

Like a tricked out twin bed for easier sex. Built with a padded headboard and shoulder stops, the person on the bottom is unable to be pushed forward by their partner's jamming motion. In addition, the partner on the top has the added comfort of their feet being in stirrups, which transfers the exertion on the body to the legs. This device was designed for people who are at risk for straining themselves during intercourse.

Penile Constrictor Ring (Patent Number 4,834,115)

Penile constrictor rings are used to help treat impotence. They cut off circulation going out of the penis, causing the penis to be filled with blood and making it erect. There are many patented versions of this type of ring. The innovation of this ring is that it can be programmed for a pre-timed electronic release of the penis to allow for a normal orgasm. The user also has the option of using a handheld remote transmitter. And in the event of an emergency, there's also a manual release button.

Have you ever seen one of these unique innovations in use?


Image via United States Patent and Trademark Office

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