Kelly McGillis Weds Melanie Leis

top gunRemember Kelly McGillis in Top Gun? How she won Tom Cruise's heart and had the best hair?

Girls everywhere yearned to be her so men would be inspired to spontaneously sing songs like "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" to them in public places.

Turns out, it isn't Tom Cruise -- or any other man -- McGillis wants serenading her these days

This past week she married her partner, Melanie Leis, in a civil union ceremony in New Jersey.


The women met in 2000 when Leis was a bartender in Key West, Fla. at a bar McGillis owned with her husband at the time. (McGillis has been married and divorced twice before, to men.)

While the two have been dating since, it was only last year that McGillis publicly announced that she's a lesbian.

She told The New York Times that when she came out, it was freeing.

“That was one of those moments when somebody asked me a question, my kids had gone from home, so I really didn’t have to protect anyone by skirting the question, and I just decided to be absolutely honest.”

Good for her, good for them -- more love in any form is good for the world.

Of course, if you listen to Elisabeth Hasselbeck of The View, their relationship may have nothing to do with passion, and McGillis may have been  "forced to go gay" for companionship since she is 53 now.

Let's just not listen to her, shall we?

Congratulations to the happy couple, and may they never lose that lovin' feeling.


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