Bad Boyfriend Diaries, Staying Positive, & More News

sad dogAfter only a few weeks of exclusive bliss, I have gone from being completely smitten with a guy to very nearly (yet again) single. Sigh. The dating war is never over, but I do know when it's time to raise the white flag, and I'm thinking that time is now. Dating is hard, as anyone that's been dumped can vouch for. So, for all you single ladies out there (raise your hands up high and proud!), here are some helpful links on dating:

  • Okay guys ... if you think your bad boyfriend was, well, bad, then read these bad boyfriend diaries. It will make you feel better about being single and not having to deal with jerks like these guys (or appreciate that your bad boyfriend is now your ex- bad boyfriend). -- The Frisky
  • Nothing does an ego good like a brutal dumping from a guy you really like. It's hard to pick yourself up from that, regardless if your process is holing up in your apartment alone or whoring yourself out to a bunch of guys. But we keep trying. Somehow, we keep trying. And because we always keep trying, here are seven ways to help you stay positive. -- Your Tango
  • Here's a new study that will make you feel better about your single gal status: if you gain a boyfriend, you lose two friends. And who wants to do that? Chicks always before, well, you know. -- Glamour


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