Are You Too Ugly to Get Married?

bridalplastyDo you want to get married but feel too darn fat/pimply/wrinkly/unsymmetrical to walk down the aisle? Well E! has got the show for you: Bridalplasty.

Yep, as if American women don't have enough warped ideas surrounding our bodies, creating eating disorders and ravaging self-esteems all over the place, there's a new reality show dedicated to prettying up the ladies before they are allowed to receive love.

Hosted by Shanna Moakler (an ex-wife, herself), this show promises to go beyond Bridezilla to an unhealthy place we really wish no one would ever have to go.

I'm begging you, people -- don't watch this show.


Sure it may seem fun to laugh at the crazy ladies that think they have to go under the knife before becoming a wife, but by supporting a show that glamorizes mutilation in the name of body acceptance -- you will keep it on the air. If it stays on the air, more young girls will have the opportunity to see how sickness can make you famous.

You may think this isn't any different than Teen Mom, but it is. When a young lady watches Teen Mom, they're seeing a cautionary tale. No one wants those girls' lives. Watch Bridalplasty and the messed up lady wins the ultimate prize: a walk down the aisle.

I do have hope that there simply aren't enough women demanding plastic surgery before they put on the white dress to make this show a fixture on the dial. But something tells me there are plenty of sickos out there, just looking for their 15 minutes. Or simply a young girl with low self-esteem who is about to tie the knot and sees Bridalplasty as an opportunity to mutilate herself into "perfection."

Which is why, again, I'm begging you not to watch Bridalplasty. And if you're in the "I just need one fix" camp -- please, please, please, please don't watch. You're beautiful, and someone loves you enough to want to spend the rest of his/her life with you. Enjoy that reality, rather than worrying about what you'll look like for a mere four to six hours.

Would you want plastic surgery before your wedding day?

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