Small Penis? It Doesn't Have to Be a Big Deal

Magnolia penisWomen talk about penis size. I know they do because I've heard them. And I admit, in my younger years, I may have participated in the conversation. But I'm older now and I've repented my erring ways.

And if I could, I would stop thinking about penis size, but the advertisements touting ways to get increased size are everywhere and the amount of penis-related email spam I get grows by the day.

I'm starting to feel just as bad for the men as I do for us women. Between the surgery to make your labia look prettier to the surgery to elongate your penis, what's next? Wait, don't answer. I don't want to know.

But say your lover's penis is small. I'm talking really small. A micro-penis. Well, if size really does matter to him, and to you, there are some surgical and non-surgical options to help with that.


Penile Enlargement Surgery

Lengthening: To lengthen the penis, the surgeon cuts the suspensory ligament, which connects the penis to the pubic bone. After the surgery, in order to make sure that the ligament doesn't re-attach, the man has to either put weights or stretching devices on his penis. For six months. And of course, like with any surgery, there are risks: loss of sensation, scarring, impotence.

Widening: To increase girth, the penile shaft can be bulked up by injecting tissue from dead people. But like the collagen women have injected into their G-spots, this tissue is slowly absorbed into the body and the procedure has to be re-done after awhile.

If your lover is apprehensive about those two surgical options, there are some non-surgical ways to help make sex more satisfying for both of you.

Non-Surgical Alternatives

Sex toys: Invest in a few additions to your toy chest. Penis sleeves, penis extensions, or even a set of anal beads can add some oomph to your love-making sessions.

Longer foreplay: Satisfying sex is not all about the penetration. Foreplay is a big part of the experience. Make the foreplay last longer by taking the time to explore each other's bodies. Devote more effort to oral sex. For both of you.

Change positions: When it's time for penetration, certain positions can make him feel like he's deeper inside of you. Try doggy style or putting a pillow underneath your hips. Experiment and find the best ways for you.

And if he is self-conscious about the appearance of his penis, trimming his pubic hair can help. So can losing a few pounds, if he has them to lose. Both actions will make his penis look bigger in proportion to the rest of his body.

But truthfully, having been with men of various penis sizes (yes, I've slept with more than one man), it's what your man does with it rather than the size. Skill, chemistry, and the quality of your relationship are all more important than the size of his penis.

Plus, there's somebody for everybody out there. One woman's cocktail frank is another woman's bratwurst.

Is the size of your man's penis important to you?


Image via dougwoods/Flickr

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