Megan Fox Is a Confidence Booster

Megan FoxBrian Austin Green is living the dream of a fair amount of American men.

He's married to Megan Fox.

Nuff said.

So how can you use the Transformers star to your advantage without feeling like a total schlub next to that rocking body?


Turns out the Desperate Housewives star got all Bette Midler with reporters recently. He says Megan has given him an enormous confidence boost.

Anyone else hearing "The Wind Beneath My Wings"?

Just me? OK, confession time.

This is how I felt about my husband. It's not the feminist view, but hear me out.

Being in a relationship is all about finding someone who accepts you for you. It's not about "needing" a guy so much as the simple comfort of knowing someone else thinks you totally rock as much as you, yourself, do.

Finding my husband? Let me stop thinking obsessively about the image I was projecting onto the world. I let my freak flag fly, and it was bold and colorful.

And so in 10 years of marriage, the outward version of me has changed drastically -- because I felt secure enough to let a lot of it out. Chalk part of that up to aging, but the rest goes to knowing I can piss off the world ... and still come home to someone who thinks it's OK that I am a liberal with a slightly odd affinity for monkeys who prefers her soda straight out of a bottle and her Chinese food cold.

It's boring as all get out, but there it is. 

It turns out marriage was a total confidence boost. And when you're starting to feel down and out about yourself, it's time to step back and realize -- hey, somebody got it. Gets it?

Just like Megan Fox.

Do you feel like you're more confident when you're in a relationship?


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