Hot New Dating Site: Facebook?

MoonItWe put so much personal information on Facebook that I wasn't surprised when I came across a relationship compatibility engine that used the information listed on our Facebook profiles to generate a good match for us amongst our friends.

The site is called MoonIt, and you can either find a match for yourself, or play matchmaker between two friends.

Intrigued, I gave it a whirl ...


You know how when you read your horoscope and it matches up almost perfectly with your life at the current time? That's what this site reminds me of. Instead of using Interests, Work Info, or other types of information that, oh, I dunno, one would look for in a partner, it used the most important info of all: birth date.

A friggin birth date is going to tell me who my "soul-mate" is? Give me a break.

Though, when I plugged in my current squeeze's info, it was kinda spot on:

You two might be filled with feelings of frustration and angst these days. One of you is hot when the other is cold. Don't hide behind snide remarks and sarcasm instead of asking for what you want.

OMG, that's, like, sooo true!

Currently, we are finding ourselves in a bit of a rough patch, mostly due to work-related stress (don't worry, it's not the football), but I'm pretty sure that the website wasn't able to pull that from our birthdays.

For the initial connection, it said:

Like a blind man at an orgy, you're going to need to feel this one out before jumping in. Your first encounter will probably have you scratching your head to see what's going on and trying to understand what it is about him that intrigues you so much. In particular, he's tentatively feeling out whether or not you're worth going in for a closer look. You're inclined to be a bit more assertive, putting yourself out there to see if he bites. It's difficult for us to determine what happens beyond this initial phase where you're getting properly acquainted. But it could very well be enough to get both of you hooked for the long term. Whatever happens, you're not likely to jump in head first with reckless abandon. When you do decide to give it a go, this will be a really deep relationship that is firing on all cylinders, meaning it will be emotionally, physically and intellectually demanding of you. If you're up for a challenge and can talk through things, you should be able to overcome any jealousy, possessiveness, and insecurity that come complimentary with this relationship.

So, with the strange blind man at an orgy reference aside, hypothetically, if we weren't already dating, we'd begin just like almost every other relationship starts out. Groundbreaking. It reminds me of the time that I got my palm read and freaked out because she was so accurate, only to realize an hour and $50 later that she was about as vague as humanly possible. But damn she was sneaky about it.

Wanting to give the Matchmaker portion the benefit of the doubt, I connected two of my best friends who are already a couple, just to see what it had to say. Enter birth dates.

When the two of you guys set eyes on each other, there were some serious butterflies bouncing around in your stomach. But that feeling can sometimes be a really good sign... Or a case of incredibly bad indigestion (we'd suggest not going out for Mexican together so you at least give yourselves a fighting chance of solving this mystery). You soon realize that she can really get to you, like she can become the focal point of your life. So hopefully you're ready for a relationship that's going to be emotionally and physically demanding. It's exciting but also pretty scary when you feel so strongly about someone that you literally can't control yourself around her and don't ever have any clue what will happen next. You, in particular, have to hold back your tendency to try and control her. By all means, give this thing a shot, but try to keep your head on straight and stay within your comfort zone. When feelings of jealousy and possessiveness come into play, you have to be able to talk through them and squash issues as they crop up. Otherwise, it might seem like you're channeling Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, and no one likes that. Take it from us: if you can walk across the hot coals with this one and come out on the other side unscathed, this relationship could very well be the most satisfying you've ever had.

Another professional psychic answer.

I'd say if you're into all of the horoscope "What's your sign?" type stuff, then definitely try it out, but don't expect any definitive answers.

Do you believe in your horoscope sign having anything to do with your relationship?


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