Fat Babies Grow Up to Be Better Lovers

fat baby legsWant to know if your man got around before he met you?

Why bother asking him (awkward!) when you can hit the baby book?

A new study says boys who are fatties in the early days of life end up loving them some sex.


Rapid weight gain in the early days, the study presented at the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences says, leads to early puberty, which in turn leads to an early sexual start.

And bada bing, you've got a man whose number starts inching past the "perfectly normal" range and on into sleeps around.

As if there is such a thing for guys (come on society).

The actual story seems to come down to genetics -- boys with more testosterone grow more quickly. And since testosterone is tied closely with puberty (and horniness), these dudes are more sexual.

Of course the bit about getting this testosterone boost from dear old dad can be glossed over if you don't want to think about daddy-in-law's development (thank you very much).

The study seems to go hand in hand with another recent bit of news around the net: the idea that fat men make better lovers.

But it's not quite the same thing -- currently overweight guys are supposed to be able to sustain their erection longer. These boys could easily have slimmed out since the days when dimpled thighs were not considered a health issue. But if baby fat equals more experienced lover . . . that can only be a good thing, right?

He's had more time to figure out what women like (and don't like for that matter).

Hmm. Perhaps a baby picture section on online dating profiles is in order?

Was your man a big baby?


Image via yoppy/Flickr

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