Good Sext: 10 Sexting Terms You Need to Know

sexting termsSexting isn't just for naive teenagers who will later regret ever having sent that boob shot to Bobby, who just sent it to his cousin, who would NEVER share it -- he swears.

You can spice up your adult sex life by some well-timed text messages to your paramour.

Of course we're assuming you're both adults and none of this is going to wind up on Facebook, right? Right??? Even with this assumption, it's still a good idea to practice safe sext, and demand some deletions when you see you partner IP (in person).

When you're ready to let your fingers do the foreplay, try these 10 sexting terms on for size.


1. TDTM -- Talk Dirty To Me

2. IWSN -- I Want Sex Now

3. IF -- In the Front, which means IB -- In the Back

4. GYPO -- Get Your Pants Off

5. GNOC -- Get Naked On Camera

6. 8 -- Oral Sex

7. PRON -- Porn

8. NIFOC -- Nude In Front Of Computer

9. Q2C -- Quick To Cum

10. FB -- F*** Buddy

Do you sext?


Image via kiwanja/Flickr

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