Your First Kiss: Where Are They Now?

first kissI used to have a policy about all of my exes: once they're out of the picture, pretend they are dead. Then I grew up and realized all the drama was incredibly unnecessary.

Mom 101 just sent me back to memory lane as she confessed to looking up her first kiss on Facebook. Her thrilling (in a very young, young girl manner) description of her first kiss, made me remember mine. However, I think I'm forgetting about grade school catch 'em kiss 'em action, so I may be cheating when I call my first real kiss, my first actual kiss.

C'est la vie.


We'd been on a date and all, so I knew it was coming. But I was still barely a teenager and it was all very new to me. It was especially nerve-wracking since he was someone I actually liked and hoped to share many more kisses with at a later date. I remember standing there in front of my house, waiting . . .  and then just shaking as he leaned over to kiss me good night. The mushing of lips felt odd, soft and electric. I think there might have been tongue. Yes, I was probably freaked out, but exhilarated by some teenage tongue. Then I went to my room and replayed the whole 10-second event repeatedly.

And also like Liz of Mom 101, we didn't manage to have an extended affair. But I haven't looked him up on Facebook.

I could, I suppose, since other people we both know are my hometown FB friends. I have seen him in person, however, on random visits to my mother. So it wouldn't exactly be a revelation. And there are other boys I've kissed that I see on Facebook, satisfying any "where are they now" urges. My first kiss, my first time -- those guys are somehow not as intriguing to me as the ones I shared much more with, at a later date.

Or maybe I just like to maintain the mystery of the "first" like we used to do in the olden days, you know, pre-Facebook. When your only chances of finding out what ever happened to . . . meant digging around like a stalker.

Have you looked up your "first" on Facebook?


Image via Grafik Mekanik/Flickr

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