A Little Dirty Talk Goes a Long Way

bedSex is all about the five senses.

Seeing your partner, touching their body, tasting their lips, smelling their scent, and, especially, hearing the sounds that come out of their mouths. The panting, the moaning, the words.

Talking dirty in the bedroom doesn't come easy to everybody, partly because it sometimes gets a bad rap for being porn flick crude. But talking dirty isn't synonymous with talking nasty. It doesn't have to be XXX-rated to work.

And like sexting, some slightly salacious words can be a great part of foreplay or just something to enhance your sexual experience together.


If you've never been vocal in the bedroom before, the thought of talking dirty to your partner may be intimidating. But you should try it. It can be a real exciting addition to your intimate experience.

Here are a few tips to take away some of your self-consciousness and get you started talking a little dirt in the bedroom:

  • Start off slowly by giving him a compliment and telling him what you find attractive about him: "I love your smile."
  • Then, test the waters by telling him what turns you on: "When you run your hands over my ass, I get hot."
  • Describe to your partner what he feels like to you: "Your arms feel so hard and strong."
  • Tell him what you want him to do to you. And tell him how much you like it when he does it: "Oh, right there. That feels so good."

Okay, you get the picture. Up the level of dirtiness when you feel comfortable. And remember, you don't need to talk the whole time. A little dirty talk goes a long way.

Have you ever talked dirty with your partner? How did you get started?


Image via eyeliam/Flickr

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