Snap Your Man Out of His Football Depression

men watching footballFootball season has started. That means the TV on Thursday evenings, Sunday afternoons and Monday nights are dedicated to the big game, whether you like it or not. It also means dealing with the mood swings that result from whether your man's team wins or loses. If they win, you're in for a night of happy lovin', but if they lose ... watch out.

Last night, my guy's team lost (he is a Jets fanatic -- and that game was brutal), and I was the one that had to deal with his bad mood. Not his friends that he watched the game with, not his roommates, me. Lucky girl, huh? Thankfully, I'm just as bad as any guy when it comes to getting emotionally involved with football, so I completely understood where he was coming from. However, I also know how frustrating it can be because it's just a game.


First of all, never say it's just a game. That's probably the worst thing that could come out of your mouth and is a one-way ticket to sleeping with your backs turned. Saying "it's just a game" after a loss is on the same level as permanently staining your favorite dress and him saying "it's just a dress."

Now that we got the big no-no out of the way, let's talk about how we can handle what I like to call the "football blues."

Space does wonders in relationships, for so many situations. I'm a big fan of giving a person space because it gives them time to deal with whatever they have going on, in their own way. When you hover ("Honey, what's wrong? What can I do?") it forces them to deal with it on your terms, not theirs. And while seeing their beloved Gang Green lose may not seem like a big deal to you, it is to them, so let them mourn the loss.

In my experience, I have found the most success by heading to the kitchen while giving him that much-needed space. I realize, this goes against the "women belong in the kitchen" concept  that modern women have been working so hard to break, but I enjoy it because 1. It gets me hell out of that tense living room (seriously, you can cut the tension with a knife) and 2. Cooking keeps me busy, so I'm not dwelling on his bad mood. And if it's a super tough loss, whipping up his favorite meal is a really sweet gesture and will likely put him in better spirits.

If it's a late night game and food isn't an option (or you both had one too many pizza slices while watching the game), give him a quick peck goodnight, leave him to stew, and head to bed. Then break out the lingerie that I know you have hidden deep in your drawer, and give him a sexy surprise when he crawls underneath the sheets. Mark Sanchez, who?

Do you ever have a hard time dealing with your significant others' bad mood after a tough loss? What do you do to cheer him up?


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