5 Sexy Ways to Surprise Your Lover

blindfolded manAnybody looking to give their sex life a little boost?

Here's one suggestion for you: Surprise!

Surprises aren't just for birthdays or little kids. Grown-ups like them too. Especially when the surprise is all about them. And sex.

Because remember that feeling you got when you were surprised? That adrenaline rush felt good. Right?

So bring that adrenaline rush in to the bedroom and maybe even outside of it. Use your imagination and give him a little jolt. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the outcome. He will too. And then maybe next time, he'll surprise you.

Here are 5 sexy ways to surprise your man:


Wake Him Up

I am not a very sound sleeper so this one is easy for me. Maybe for you too. Next time you're up and the clock is saying you shouldn't be, wake him up too. Use your hands, your mouth or just your voice. I bet he won't mind.

Get a New Toy

Everybody loves a new toy: dogs, kids and even men. So buy a new sex toy and store it in the nightstand next to your bed. The next time the two of you start fooling around, bring it out. Just make sure, if the toy needs batteries, that you put them in ahead of time. You don't want to ruin the moment by having to get up and rummage around for them.

Give Him a Little Preview

Get him thinking about what's going to happen when you get him alone. Surprise him with a little glimpse of what you're wearing underneath that skirt or dress. Whether it's a pair of sexy underwear or nothing a la Britney.

Talk Dirty to Him in Public

Whisper something naughty in his ear when, and where, he leasts expects it. At his office, at the bank or at your kid's soccer game. Surprise him with your directness and tell him what you're going to do to him later. Give him something to think about.

Rearrange Your Love Den

Sex in the bedroom can be great. Comfortable bed, lock on the door. But it can also get boring. And become associated with stacks of clean laundry or small children coming in during the night. Take back your bedroom and spice it up. At least for a few nights. Move the furniture around, bring in some candles, buy some silky sheets and some massage oil. Then bring him in blindfolded. It'll almost be like you are on vacation.

What's your favorite sexy surprise?


Image via left-hand/Flickr

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