6 Sperm Killers That Will Take Down the Boys

sperm killersWhether you're trying to start a family or not, killing your sperm count is never a good idea. (Of course, if you have a teenage son, you might wish for it -- temporarily -- as one of my friends pointed out.) At worst, you ruin your chances, and those of your partner, for having future children. At best, it causes a molecular disturbance.

Neither of which is going to make you feel like a stallion in the bedroom.

Unfortunately, there are sperm dangers lurking everywhere. You, or a favorite man in your life, may be unknowingly damaging the little swimmers. So how do you protect that spermatozoa?

Don't do any of the following:


1. Smoke

Lower sperm counts in men who light up not only hurt the sperm, if one of the fellas does make it to the egg, the chances of miscarriage are higher.

2. Smoke the ganja

Instead of chill sperm, smoking marijuana causes sperm to hyper-activate, then they burn out before reaching the prize. Of course we all know some people who have conceived while under the influence, but if your fertility issues are iffy, the pot will shut them down.

3. Ride a bike

Although it seems to be working all right for Lance Armstrong, who has multiple strikes against him. He and girlfriend Anna Hansen are expecting a baby, proving the exception to the chemotherapy and bicycle rule. The problem with serious cycling and sperm count is not only the pressure of the bike saddle, but the intense heat. Which leads me to number four ...

4. Lounge in a Hot Tub

High heat can lower a man's sperm count. Which turns out is a GREAT thing for the cast members of Jersey Shore. Too bad it doesn't stop herpes.

5. Improve Your Home

Toxins such as pesticides, paint, and cleaning solvents can negatively affect sperm quality. Also, try not to be a gardener, a construction worker, or do anything around the house. Alternately, how about we find "green" solutions that don't cost a zillion bucks and hurt the sperm?

6. Turn 40

Sure we know plenty of male cougars (hey, why can't we call them that??) who impregnate their young wives. But your chances drop, along with that count, after the age of 39.


Image via bhav.bhav/Flickr

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