City of Love Is the Worst at Sex

couple in parisOne of my sexual fantasies includes the cobblestone streets of the Parisian neighborhood of Montmartre, a smoking hot Frenchman who I can barely understand, with moves that will make you blush.

But I may want to substitute that scenario for the streets of Rome and that Frenchman for an Italian, because according to a recent poll, the French have awful sex lives.


Yes, France, whose capital is called the "City of Love," home of the infamous Moulin Rouge, and basically every stereotype about them that says otherwise.

And let's not forget about the French kiss! A menage trois! Even the Eiffel Tower is phallic! I could go all day coming up with sexual French references.

The poll, commissioned by a pharmaceutical research corporation, says that 76 percent of French people reported that problems in their relationship were a result of sexual problems and half of French people felt that they simply had "no desire" to have sex.


No desire? To have sex? Je ne sais pas!

I've dated French men before, though unfortunately (or after reading this, I suppose fortunately), I've never had any experience with one in the sack.

For those of you who have had experiences with someone who was French, do you find this study to be accurate?


Image via contemplicity/Flickr

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