Believing in Soul Mates Is Bad for Your Marriage

soul mates divorceDo you believe you have a soul mate? Maybe you've already found him, or maybe you believe she's out there among the masses, just waiting to be discovered by you.

While I've never used the term "soul mate," I do believe my husband and I fit together with ease. Much more than anyone I've ever crossed paths with before. I think it was meant to be, but I don't think if neither of us had been lucky enough to find the other, that meant we would wander the earth unhappy, always knowing that something was missing. I think you can make a go of a marriage if you have genuine love and respect for each other; soul mates or not. 

This more cynical view of marriage should serve me well. Since a new study says if you do believe in soul mates, you might want to prepare yourself for a divorce.


A poll of over 1,000 people found that two-thirds of the group believed that someone is out there that you are destined to spend your life with -- a soul mate. While that's sweet and all, if you apply the notion of soul mates to your own marriage, you are 150 times more likely to get a divorce. Of course, that might not bother you if you believe your soul mate is out there just waiting in the wings, and the sooner you ditch this dead weight, the better.

While I don't think settling is ever a good idea, I do believe in looking at your partner realistically. No one is beyond reproach, and even your perfect match is going to get on your nerves from time to time. Dreaming of a soul mate to solve all of your romantic challenges is simply not realistic, and might just prevent you from seeing the amazing (but not perfect) catch sitting right in front of you.

Do you believe in soul mates?


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