Dance Moves That Will Make You Irresistable

Many women think a man who can bust a move on the dance floor can also do it in the bedroom later, according to a recent study conducted by evolutionary psychologist Nick Neave of Northumbria University.

The researchers stuck 38 reflective markers to the joints and other body parts of 30 male students. Then they asked the guys to dance for 30 seconds as if they were in a nightclub, while a thumping drum beat played over speakers. Twelve video cameras recorded the action. A computer used data on the location of the markers to construct an avatar of each man.

Groups of heterosexual women were shown the two different dancing avatars. The first -- the "bad dancer" --  trudged in a circle swinging his arms. The second changed his moves around and shook his hips and body.

The second was far more likely to get laid, said the researchers. Can you blame us for loving Gilles Marini when he shook it on Dancing With the Stars?


We women apparently like good dancers.

Dancing is hot. I've had many a man tell me they liked me for my dancing, but I've almost never thought that about a man. Mostly because I've never been with a good dancer. My husband (who is very good in bed!) isn't so hot on the dance floor.

I've found the key to dancing well is less in the movements themselves and more in the lack of self consciousness. I sometimes do some seriously cheesy moves -- Grocery cart ... Guns blazing ..  Now Shimmy! Shimmy! -- but I commit to them and laugh. Few men can really pull that off.

It hasn't been my experience that men who can dance are better in bed. But it's true that men who can dance are often more confident in general and confidence is the sexiest thing of all.

So guys: Nod your head, turn it from side to side, keep moving, and dance like no one is watching (see: cheesy!).

Trust me. It will get us in bed for sure.

Do you like a good dancer?


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