Kim Kardashian Nude Photos: How Many More Are There?

kim kardashian nakedHas anyone not seen Kim Kardashian naked at this point? The overexposed, over-sharing reality star has her own sex tape and did a Playboy shoot three years ago, so it's almost like you'd have to try really hard to avoid Kim's nips. But Playboy is banking on you all wanting more.

Do you?


The Playboy Cyber Club (which makes me feel dirty just thinking about joining) is offering new members 19 more nude photos from the 2007 shoot. There are four you can check out without buying a $19.95 monthly membership (only $7.95 if you commit to a year), but the rest of the goodies will not be available until you hand over your credit card.

Who's paying for this? Yes, I know Kardashian is attractive and has this incredible body. Yes, I know there are men who love to stare at that. But it's EVERYWHERE people. You don't need to pay extra for 15 more photos that are going to show you what you've already seen. But clearly, it's a major marketing tool for the Playboy Cyber Club, so there are a number of you all out there who already have your credit card in one hand and your somethin-somethin in the other.


What do you think? Must-see photos? Or more of the same?

Image via Splash News

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