Anniversary Gifts: When's the Last Time You Bought Paper or Tin?

wedding ringMy 10-year wedding anniversary is coming up this month, and I have no idea what to buy my husband.

So much for being in sync with knowing what your spouse is thinking.

I'm not in left field. I'm in the stadium parking lot. 

Which finally forced me to hit up the anniversary gift list.


You know, the one that advises you give "paper" for the first anniversary, "cotton" for the second, and so on?

Can we say not so helpful?

The suggested gift for enduring a decade together is "tin or aluminum." Although this site offers the modern day equivalent -- diamonds, allowing you to skip 50 years ahead to the traditional 60th "diamond anniversary."

Hey, I'm willing to give him ANY excuse to shower me with diamonds. I'm completely in favor of the creation of a "Give Your Wife a Diamond Today" holiday. I'm thinking a Facebook group is in order to convince Hallmark of its necessity. The date should be sometime between Christmas and my July birthday to offer me a little pick-me-up.

But hey, I'm not picky.

Then again, this is the same site that suggests you give an "appliance" as the modern equivalent of fruit/flowers for the four-year celebration.

Sorry, honey. You can buy me a toaster any day of the year except the following: Mother's Day, Christmas, my birthday, and OUR ANNIVERSARY.

I don't require a gift, but if you do get one, I'd rather it not come with the "cook and clean for me" theme.

So after ignoring the guidelines for the past nine years, it doesn't look like I'm going to start with landmark number 10.

Aluminum? In 2010? I'm pretty sure they've linked that one to Alzheimer's. And tin makes me think of The Wizard of Oz. Not romance.

So I'm back to square one ... thinking wild sex while the kid's at grandma's should be enough. That should beat tin any day of the week, right?

Do you actually follow the anniversary gift list?


Image via Cuban Refugee/Flickr

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