Unexpected Self Esteem Boost: How to Use an Old Crush for YOU

CrushYou will always run into an old crush when you look your worst.

Hair a frizzy mess. Kids whining up a storm. And a big zit on your nose.

Stop right now. Running into an old crush tends to make us get down on ourselves, but this is prime time for a bit of an ego boost.

Here's how to make it work for you:


He's Even Hotter Than He Was in College

  • What We Usually Think: I look like crap, and he's gorgeous. He's staring at my zit, and, wait, is he shrinking away from me?
  • What We Should Think: Daaaaamn, I have always had excellent taste.

He's Ugly

  • What We Usually Think: Ugh, what was I thinking?
  • What We Should Think: I dodged a major bullet. Happy dance.

He's Gay

  • What We Usually Think: My gaydar sucks. I'm an idiot.
  • What We Should Think: Aha, that's why he wasn't into this fabulousness. Look what the poor guy is missing.

He's a Chauvinist Pig

  • What We Usually Think: Did I have low self esteem in high school? Did I really think it was attractive to have a guy stare 5 inches below my face when he was talking to me?
  • What We Should Think: See above, re: dodged bullet, plus why he wasn't into this fabulousness and throw in a little: we were all young once. 

He's Incredibly Rich

  • What We Usually Think: Can he tell I bought these jeans at Wal-Mart?
  • What We Should Think: Good for him. He was always a nice guy; he deserves it.

He's Broke and Living With His Parents

  • What We Usually Think: I thought he liked me when he wanted me to help him out with his laundry -- apparently he just needs a mama to help him separate the lights from the darks.
  • What We Should Think: This economy sucks. Poor guy. So glad I have a job. In fact, my life is going pretty well right now.

Have you run into an old crush lately?


Image via TerryJohnston/Flickr


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