The Best Time of Life to Lose Your Virginity

Virginity soapI didn't lose my virginity until I was a junior in college. And I lost it to the boy that I still consider my first love. It was a relationship that didn't end well for me because it also resulted in my first heartbreak.                  

But as hard as it was to get over the heartbreak, it would have been even harder for me had I been younger. Say, like in high school.

My biggest boy concerns in high school had to do with trying to look good in my private school potato sack uniform, keeping my bangs from frizzing up, and, of course, wondering if my crush of the week was crushing back on me. I liked boys. I kissed boys. But I was nowhere near interested in having sex with boys. And they probably felt the same about me.

And I'm glad.


Because on that night in college when I lost my virginity, I didn't feel that I lost anything so much as I happily gave it up. Which I was ready to do because I was in love with my boyfriend and he was in love with me.

But we were just a couple of college kids and I didn't really think that the first guy I had sex with would be the last. Number one was just the beginning of my sexual education. And boy did I get smart.

I also learned a lot from my girlfriends. I was the last in my group to leave the still-a-virgin club. I had many questions and they had the answers. I could ask them about different types of birth control, get some good sex tips, and, yes, discuss penis size. Plus, one of my friends not only made my first gynecological appointment for me, but also went to the appointment with me.

So college was the right time for me to give up my virginity. I can't imagine doing it at a younger age. Not because I wouldn't have been able to handle the sex part of it, but because I wouldn't have been able to handle the emotional aftermath, six months later, of the break-up.

I've never really been called old-fashioned before. Lots of other not so nice names though. But this is a topic that I'm going to go conservative on: the older you are the first time you have sex, and I mean older than high school age, the better.

How old were you when you lost your virginity? Any regrets about when it happened?


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