Man Wants Vagina, Divorce Rate Has Lower, & More News

on a boatHope you're enjoying an amazing Labor Day weekend! Here are some sexy links to occupy yourself as you're resting from your Labor Day cook out.

  • The guy wishes he could just experience what it was like having a vagina. I so wish this was possible. He wants it so he can experience multiple orgasms, but I'd want him to experience the fun times during a period. -- The Frisky
  • Do men care what a woman does for a career? Yes and no. -- Marie Claire
  • Best and worst boobs of the Emmy's -- guess who took home the top title. -- The Frisky
  • The number ... you know the number. Sigh. Oh how I hate the number. -- Lemondrop
  • New study shows that the country's divorce rate is lower than it's been in decades. Really? No, seriously, really?! Find out why. -- Glamour

Image via Brittny Drye

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