Jets' Antonio Cromartie Has 8 Kids With 6 Women: When Will Someone Complain?

Antonio CromartieAntonio Cromartie is best known for being the new New York Jets cornerback.

But when Cromartie isn't making interceptions, he's making babies. 

Eight to be exact.

With six different women.

On a recent episode of HBO's Hard Knocks, he couldn't even remember all of their NAMES. 

And I have yet to hear anyone running around screaming "slut" about Antonio Cromartie.

Meet your double standard.


Octomom Nadya Suleman didn't even have sex to make her kids, and she's been called some of the crudest names in the book (tagging photos of her as "sluts and whores" comes to mind).

She's off her rocker, but that doesn't make her promiscuous.

But sports writers are almost proud of Cromartie. They compare him to venerable TV dad Cliff Huxtable like he'd accomplished something grand in a year when he had "10 interceptions and four conceptions." Their biggest concern: that it might hurt his game with all those "distractions."

Perhaps the Jets should add a condom application course to their pre-season preparations?

There's no need for "slut shaming," when it's all in good fun. But it stops being fun when you're makin' babies buddy.

He didn't wear a jimmy hat (antonio hat?) with six different women in the past six years (the kids are all under 5). And he can't remember the names of the products of all eight nights of reckless passion.

He's a football player, we get it, he may have taken a few too many knocks to the head.

But if he's Cliff Huxtable, it's officially time to retire promiscuous from the female lexicon.

Perhaps Nelly Furtado can sing about Donna Reed?


Image via SD Dirk/Flickr

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