Bondage 101: 5 Household Items to Get You Started

Handcuffs and heartDoes the word bondage scare you or excite you?

For many people, bondage conjures up images of masks, black leather, and whips and chains. As well as a lot of pain.

But bondage is actually defined as restricting someone's movements. And in this sense, the term refers to a sexual situation that is more about control than pain. Being in control or being controlled can be a very powerful aphrodisiac.

And I think this type of bondage is one of those things that people don't talk about but that everybody has either done or wants to do. Kind of like reading erotica.


But most couples, at one point or another, need something to put a little oomph back into their relationship. Experimenting with bondage can be a great way to energize your sex life. And if you add in a little role-playing, like the schoolteacher and the bad student, it can be a truly erotic experience.

Many websites sell bondage kits for beginners, but you don't need to purchase anything to start your experimentation. The following items can be found in your own home:

Necktie: Blindfold your partner with one. The inability to see what's going on will heighten their other senses, especially their hearing.

Scarves: Use them to tie your partner up. Taking away someone's sense of touch and their ability to move is a powerful thing.

Feathers: Grab one out of a down pillow. Use it on your partner to lightly tickle and tease their sensitive areas like the inside of their thighs.

Ruler: Initiate some light spanking with the ruler. Have they been bad?

Ice: Use an ice cube to cool your mouth down and then do a little oral exploring. The combination of a cool mouth and a warm body can be very sensual.


Have you ever experimented with bondage? What have you used?


Image via Jason Clapp/Flickr

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