Celebrity Power Dating: Does Too Many Men = A Bad Rep?

Jennifer AnistonWhat does it take for one to be considered a slut? The way she dresses? The way she acts? How many men she dates? How many men she has sex with?

If it's the latter, then one can only presume that lovely ladies such as Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson are big ol' whores.


Always seemingly rumored to be cozying up with someone new, some celebrities such as Jen, who are typically just being single, get a bad rep just because their love life is in the spotlight.

"Is she sleeping with all these men that she's dating?" gets whispered amongst prudish gossipers as they read their Us Weekly in the hair salon. But the ironic thing is, compared to most single women, including myself, these celebrities are virginal saints, appearing in the tabloids holding hands with a new boy toy only a few times a year. I can only imagine the public disapproval I'd receive if the light was on me.

Note to self: Never become a celebrity.

Do you think if you're famous, your love life gets harshly (and unfairly) judged by others?


Image via cristee12/Flickr

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