Ask Dad: Do All Men Want Girl-on-Girl Action?

two cats kissingLabor Day shouldn't mean we neglect the labor of love. That's why Ask Dad is here to help with the most important work of all. 

Women with women. Do all guys have this fantasy? Please tell me WHY!

Um, may I ask why you're asking? Are you offering? Do you have a friend who's offering?

Men are all over the place on this -- from mild curiosity to unhealthy obsession. But since the idea has become socially acceptable, I can't say I know any dudes under 50 who wouldn't admit they are at least intrigued by the idea. (And those who wouldn't admit it are probably a lot more than intrigued.)  


I'm sure the real reasons are scary, and somehow involve breastfeeding (or not) as a child and all kinds of other demons, resentments and daddy issues. But here are some good guesses:  

  • Fear of penises: In the porn that introduces most men to sex, it gets boring watching a woman, alone, casually bending over a corvette at sunset (as you all do fairly often, from what I understand.) Looking at another man -- and especially his erect little man -- while turned-on is frightening for some guys. Probably because they fear what they might learn about themselves.
  • It's crazy -- but not too crazy: A man loves the idea that his woman has a wild side, whether it's getting it on in an office or with toys. The image of one's lady with another lady is wild without being frightening. Which leads us to ...
  • We don't see other women as a threat: Many men love the idea of his lady mixing it up with multiple partners, but another guy means the threat of losing her. Another woman seems safe. (Of course it's not, but many men don't know this.)
  • We want you to know how hard and confusing going down on a lady is. Even for a big fan.
  • Sheer numbers: We just like women. The more the better. Those of us who choose the heterosexual lifestyle, I mean. Two women? Great. Four? Better. A dozen? Yes please, could you make it a baker's dozen? All mixed up together? Yes please.


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