Hot New Dating Trend That Makes Me Wish I Were Single

new dating trendUnlike a lot of single people, I really loved dating. It felt like a new adventure every time I met someone new. You never know what you're going to learn, love, or fear.

So when I heard about a new way of dating that also appeals to my love of food, I felt bummed for a second that I'm happily married with two kids and a cocker spaniel.

Speed Plating has taken hold in New York City, but it looks like the practice is hoping to go national. Speed Plating takes place in a restaurant where you are offered four courses, and four dates. You meet a new potential love match, just as your next course arrives. (I'm guessing there's a lot more chemistry with people who are a couple of cocktails in that meet over dessert.)

The drinks are on the venue, as the Speed Plating folks create a speciality cocktail (love this!) for each event.

This idea is a spectacular way to weed out or find a great date for several reasons:


1) If someone treats a waiter poorly, you know they'll be hard to please. Next!

2) There's a cell phone ban, which means only non-BlackBerry addicts will apply.

3) If all else fails, you're enjoying a four-course dinner.

I think every singleton should try out this super-fun method of meeting. I know I would if I wasn't already so lucky in love. Dang it.

Would you try Speed Plating?


Image via Speed Plating

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