Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton: Will a CMA Win Lead to a Breakup?

Miranda Lambert with Blake SheltonThe next few weeks are going to be a little tense in the Lambert-Shelton household. Country music stars (and engaged couple) Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are up against each other in three different categories for this year's CMAs: Single of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Best Musical Event. 

*Cue awkward turtle!


I'm horrible with competition, it's one of my flaws in relationships, as seen here. If I was put into this situation, here's exactly what I would do (*note: what you should not do):

Weeks leading up to award night: "Subtly" trash talk by constantly playing nominated songs, singing obnoxiously loud, and accidentally leaving fanpages up on the computer.

Night Of: Completely ignore my man. I can't handle that kind of intensity.

When If I Win: Celebrate with class in public, praising him in my speech, blah blah blah. Then when we get home, set the award(s) smack dab in the middle of our living room mantle.

If I Lose (pffft): Celebrate my man with class in public, then pout for three weeks afterwards.

Like I said, I'm horrible. If I was Miranda, I'd be dumped in a heartbeat, and for good reason. Thank goodness I'm a fan of the penis because I would never be able to date another mom blogger, god forbid we were ever put head-to-head.

Would your relationship be able to handle the pressure of such a huge competition?


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