59 Percent of Guys Just Want Your Money

wedding ringAh, young love. It's a total farce.

Turns out the majority of guys in their 20s don't want to get married -- unless you look like the financially beneficial option.

So you can have the ring.

If you have the bling.


The study by Prince & Associates, a Connecticut-based wealth-research firm (and reported by the Wall Street Journal), found only 41 percent of guys in their 20s plan to marry for love. That's compared to more than 71 percent of women in their 30s.

Let's be fair and tip this one the other way -- two-thirds of the women (of any age) surveyed said they'd let cash lead them down the aisle even if their preference was the love match.

So what's the magic number you'll sell your body finger for? A cool $1.5 million. This is for people who are currently making in the $30,000 to $60,000 range.

Come on up on the soap box, folks, the air is fine up here.

Are you people kidding me? You do know that's, in effect, legal prostitution?

And a tiny news flash: hate sex may be good. But we're not hearing much about "don't really care about anything but her bank account" sex.

Marrying for love doesn't pay the bills, but it sure doesn't hurt the chemistry.

Would you marry for money?


Image via prozacblues/Flickr

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