Fun With Boobs: 5 Tata Inspired Goods for You and Your Sexy Home

boob cansAnd you thought boobs were just for (adult and infant) entertainment!

Many artists have been inspired by the lady parts since the beginning of time. This fascination has resulted in not only beautiful paintings by the masters, but such amazing art works as the cans you see pictured here.

I dug up other boob-related housewares, clothing options, and beyond so you too can enjoy the boob-ir-ific boobies of the world.

Next stop, boobs for your feet!


Boob Jars

This lovely set is handmade from local cherry wood in Pennsylvania. It doesn't matter what you stash in these boobs, you'll want to keep coming back for more.

boob shoesBoob Shoes

What I like about these boob shoes, aside from the fact that I could garden in them, is the boobs are a little curved instead of a perfect circle. If only they came in multiple skin tones.


boob pillowBooby Pillow

For the boob man in your life, he can get his fill of motor boating when you put this crocheted pink boobed pillow on his side of the bed.




boob ornamentBoob Ornament (Brustbaumkugel)

'Tis the season to offend your grandmother when she comes over for Christmas dinner. But hey, celebrating boobs on Jesus' birthday could be a pro-breastfeeding shout-out? Yes, that was a stretch.



doggie boob scarfDoggie Boob Scarf







Boob Jars ($165) -- Etsy

Booby Pillow ($39.99) -- Etsy

Boob Ornament ($14,95 Euro) -- Donkey Products

Doggie Boob Scarf ($20) -- Etsy


Images (top to bottom): Etsy, If Shoes Could Kill, Etsy, Donkey Products, Etsy

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