Do You Think Like a Man or a Woman? I'm Apparently Half Boy

gender symbolForget all of that left brain/right brain mumbo jumbo -- what the cool kids are doing now is assessing whether their brain is masculine or feminine.

You can take a "Sex ID" quiz, based off the BBC series Secrets of the Sexes, to find out if your brain sex is equal to your physical sex (and no, porn collection has nothing to do with it). 


The quiz evaluates six performances based on a variety of mental evaluations, what you find attractive, and your emotional response to someone's eyes.

Honestly, when I took it, it just kept making me feel dumb (1 out of 20 on systemising? I know I'm a girl, but damn!) but I ended up being split down the middle -- apparently I think like a dude 50% of the time. Maybe it's because of my awesome map-reading skills?

Parts of it made sense to me (ability to assess emotions in others' eyes, attractiveness, empathy) but other parts did not (what does my finger height have to do with my femininity?).

Take the quiz here and tell us your results.

Is your brain more masculine or feminine?

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