Don't Get Married Until You Read This: 10 Relationship Testers

marriage testThinking about taking the plunge into a life long commitment? Swooning over wedding invites? Before you tell people to save the date, you might want to put your relationship through the paces. After all, you don't want to make a big fuss to realize your better half is actually a temper tantrum throwing diva when the going gets tough.

There are ways of weeding out the weak. Take one of these relationship challenges and you'll see if you've got a keeper or a weeper.


1. Cross-Country Road Trip

Navigating the open road is a guaranteed fight-starter. How you both handle those arguments, and make it across the country, will play out about a zillion times over the next 50+ years. Is that what you really want? Or should you drop the jerk off at the next exit?

2. Weekend of Babysitting

Even if you don't think you want to have kids, volunteering to babysit for a friend or relative together will show you who has the caretaker gene, and who shouldn't even be allowed to own a pet (see number three). Nope, a few hours one night after baby has gone to bed does not count. Make at least a thirty-six hour commitment to the kiddo, if not more.

3. Pet Ownership

No, dogs are not our fur babies, but taking on the responsibility of someone other than yourself will give you a glimpse into your partner's maternal or paternal instincts. Plus it's better to fight now over the cleaning up the poop duties, rather than when it's an actual human being creating said poop. You want to know if you're the one that's going to be left holding the bag.

4. Reality Show Contestants

This one is easier than you think, just check out those local listings and there's got to be a show you and your beloved can audition for, and probably land. We've seen couples break up on live television again and again, so if you and yours can make it through a season or two -- you'll be golden. One caveat: Your future partner is to be immediately dumped if he or she gets cast on Confessions: Animal Hoarding.

5. Week-long Vacation with His/Her Parents

It's true that you're not just marrying him, you're marrying his family. If the thought of taking a vacation with his family makes you run screaming for the hills, then you'd better follow that instinct, and head in the opposite direction of the aisle.

6. Simulated Major Illness

God forbid this happens in reality, but why not role play a little bit and see how she handles you being bed ridden for a long weekend. Even if you make it to your silver anniversary unscathed by a serious illness, if anyone is pregnant, has the flu or a particularly bad hemorrhoid situation, you will face the whole "sickness" challenge. You need to know if you've got a Nurse Nightingale or Ratched standing by your side.

7. High School Reunion

Your partner should be interested in where you came from, and vice versa. Anyone who refuses to check out your past, might have something of their own to hide. Plus, meeting your high school sweetheart should be great for some laughs.

8. Death in the Family

Let's hope this never, ever, happens. However, if you really want to know what kind of supportive partner you have, this is a clear way to weed out the wimps.

9. Aerobics Class

Seeing your partner sweat and look goofy at the same time will not only help you fit into your wedding attire, it will let you in on how comfortable he or she is letting loose and not being self-conscious. This is a personalty trait you're going to want for the long haul.

10. Move

Yes, it may seem silly to buy or rent a new apartment just to see how helpful your future spouse will be during a move, but dare I say it's worth it. Ditch the loser that says he's too busy to take off work to lift your milk crates filled with 45s. Or the one who complains the entire time instead of taking care of business.

Could your spouse pass these relationship challenges?

Image via C. G. P. Grey/Flickr


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