7 Craziest Celebrity Marriage Proposals

snookiAw. Looks like Snooki is about to become a Mrs.

The Jersey Shore star's boyfriend, Jeff Miranda, appears shirtless on the cover of the September 10th issue of Steppin’ Out magazine with the headline, "Will You Marry Me?"

Is it just me or is anyone else's heart all aflutter with love and romance?

Believe it or not, Miranda's very public display of love is by far the wackiest on record. Check out these other crazy celebrity marriage proposals -- who knows, you might even get inspired.


Who knew Howard Stern was a true romantic? He proposed to Beth Ostrosky by ordering her to strip naked -- after which he presented her with a ring.

Pink proposed to motocross star Carey Hart -- during a race no less! She held up a sign that read: "Will You Marry Me?" At first he paid no attention. But after she flipped the sign over -- it read "I'm Serious" on the other side -- he quit racing and ran over to say, "Yes!"

New York Giants player Jason Sehorn proposed to Angie Harmon live on The Tonight Show! Elton John was even on hand to serenade the lovebirds. Harmon was absolutely shocked, to say the least.

What do you think is crazier about Seal's proposal to Heidi Klum? The fact that he did it in an igloo at 14,000 feet? Or the 10-carat ring he presented her with?

Dean McDermott proposed to Tori Spelling on Christmas Eve at a Christmas tree farm. A half a mile of twinkling lights led the couple to romantic table for two in the middle of the farm.

Guns N' Roses front-man Axl Rose proposed to Erin Everly at 4 a.m. with this classic line: "Marry me or I'll kill myself." Talk about an offer you can't refuse.

Which celebrity proposal do you think is the craziest?


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