Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth Split: Our Love Advice for Miley

miley cyrusI remember when I fell in love and went through my first major heartbreak. I was 18, and it took me years to get over the guy. I was devastated -- never thought I'd love again. But I did ... we all do.

Miley Cyrus is most likely currently going through this. The poor girl recently split with her boyfriend of several months, Liam Hemsworth. A few months isn't a big deal to us seasoned folks, but think back to when you were a teenager. A breakup felt like the end of the world. So, from one gal to another, here is some love advice.

  • It's okay to cry. It's amazing how much better you feel after a good hard cryfest.
  • Stay busy! Go out with your girlfriends, take a drive, do something. Staying busy will help keep your mind off of him.
  • I would normally tell my friends to write in a journal, but since this advice is for Miley, I'd also recommend being very careful of what she writes ... it may turn into a hit song and then her private heartbreak is blasted on the radio.
  • Girls like to emotionally cut themselves after a heartbreak. They'll listen to a song that makes them cry, watch a movie that reminds them of their ex, so whatever you do, do not watch The Last Song. It wasn't even that great anyways. 
  • Don't move on too fast. I'm already hearing rumors that Miley has started something up with her LOL co-star. I know this from experience -- rebounds are never good for any party involved.
  • I know it may not feel like it, but you will fall in love again. Probably several times. They say everyone feels like their first love is their last, and their last love is their first. 

What would your love advice be for Miley?


Image via benyupp/Flickr

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