The Science of Booty Calls -- Scientists Analyze the Sexiness Right out of Them

booty callI always find it amusing when scientists do these studies on our sexual escapades. Most of these studies have a major "duh" factor, and a recent one they did on booty calls is no different.

Is it just me or do you giggle at the thought of an uptight 53-year-old Harvard scientist uttering the word "booty call"?

Here are some key notes that we should be sure to take away from this extensive research:

  • The study, led by a psychologist Peter Jonason at the University of West Florida, surveyed almost 300 college students who had been in a variety of relationships over the past year. The results showed that booty calls mix the sexual and the emotional, but are distinct from either one-night stands or committed relationships.

Groundbreaking: booty calls are different from one-night stands and committed relationships (just in case the different name didn't imply that). I hope the kids at least got paid to answer embarrassing questions about their sex lives.

  • The team found that overall, emotional acts were less common in booty-call relationships compared with serious long-term relationships.

It took an entire team to come to that conclusion? Hey doc, here's a tip, just come to brunch with my girlfriends and I next Sunday ... you'll get allll the info you need.

  • Some of Jonason's other research suggests that booty-call relationships often end when one partner pushes the other for something more committed than casual sex. Avoiding conversation and leaving right after sex can prevent those emotional bonds from forming.

You know what also suggests that? Me and every other person who's ever had a booty call throwing on our clothes in the morning and running out the door.

  • "Studying booty calls might seem frivolous," Jonason said.

Understatement of the Year Award goes to ...

And that, my friends, is what our taxes are paying for. Thank you Dr. Jonason for zapping the sexiness right out of booty calls.

Do you think these kinds of studies are ridiculous and, frankly, a waste of time?


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