Pretty Sex Toys: They Do Exist

blown glass dildoWhen it comes to sex toys, most of us aren't looking for pretty.

Penises aren't pretty; expecting their substitute to be is a tad bit hypocritical, don't you think?

OK, call me a hypocrite.

Because these blown glass babies are gorgeous.


And I dare say they look like fun.

But who finally had the balls to say penises are ugly, let's make them pretty?

Would you believe it was a guy?

The Stir asked Marlena, who runs I C Naughty Glass with husband Todd, how a swirled glass dildo stands up to the ugly faux penis.

"Todd saw a lack of pretty, sophisticated glass sex toys and decided to play around with some ideas, and he eventually came up with some of the beautiful designs you see in our shop," says Marlena. "He has some styles that he reproduces but for the higher end pieces, he strives to make each piece unique."

Next question -- is a piece of handmade glass really safe for such a sensitive area?

Says Marlena, "Since these are pyrex-based glass, you care for them just the same as you would any pyrex dish! You can wash them in any gentle soap (or even run it through the dishwasher!). Some people have asked if you can warm them up and I always tell them to use caution when doing so. They heat up quickly and you can easily get them TOO hot!

"If it's a bit chilly, your best bet is to keep it under the covers with you for a moment or two, and before you know it, it will be up to body temp.

"As for how breakable they are, I can attest to their strength and durability. I have had mine for going on eight years now and it has suffered a fall or two but never broken or chipped. They are STRONG! Especially the thicker ones."

Are your sex toys pretty?


Image via I C Naughty Glass

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