Burglars Who Forget Their Sex Tape Can Help You Spice Things Up

handcuffs loveA kinky couple from Washington broke into someone else's house and decided to get nasty on the stranger's bed.

If that isn't deviant enough, they decided to tape themselves doing it.

And being the scofflaws they are, they did it all on a stolen video camera.


Which they then left behind ... with the tape still in it.

Aww, here's hoping they have conjugal visits in jail.

Ah, now that you're done laughing, time for lesson one: how to not be a dumbass but still use this one to spice up your sex life.

1. Try Somewhere New. It doesn't have to be a stranger's bed, but it's OK to have sex outside of your own. Really. Trust us. You'll like it.

2. Chance Getting Caught. Even if it's risking your kid might hear you moan through the vents, the thrill of being found out can totally enhance your O face.

3. Make a Sex Tape. Everyone and the Baby Hank's mother has done it, so why can't you?

4. Don't Leave the Sex Tape Where Someone Else Can Find It. Because it might not land you in jail, but if it falls into the wrong hands, you'll be building some walls of your own.

When is the last time you thought like a criminal?


Image via Jason Clapp/Flickr

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