20 Sexy Things to Do Before Summer Ends

Fall sex is fun, winter sex is cozy, spring sex is revitalizing, but summer sex ... summer sex is the best. Hands down.

All those sweaty days and steamy nights make for some seriously fantastic sex. There's a reason so many flings happen in the summer. All that oil and sweat and salty hair and natural steam are enough to make any couple want to get down and dirty. But don't worry if you haven't had the sexual encounters you hoped for this year. There's still time! 

Even as Labor Day looms (sob), there are still enough good days of warmth and sunshine left to experience all the best that summertime sex has to offer.

Here are 20 things you can still get in before the warmth wanes.


20 Sexy Things to Do Before Summer Ends:

  1. Drive-in sex: Bob Seger sang all about the "Night Moves" and there is no place so ripe for practicing them than at a drive-in.
  2. Camping: Even if it's just in the backyard, there's nothing quite so sexy as getting it on in a tent and then sharing the same sleeping bag.
  3. Curling on a blanket underneath the stars: For those not ready to spend the whole night outdoors, even an hour or two can be well spent on a blanket, preferably somewhere outside the city.
  4. Sex on the beach: Whether it's at night or behind the dunes on a sunny day, sex on the beach IS all it's cracked up to be (so long as you keep your cracks sand-free). Make it a priority.
  5. Picnic-time sex: Bring a blanket and a bunch of finger foods. Find a secluded spot and enjoy.
  6. Sundress (bonus for no underwear): There is almost nothing sexier than a summer sundress. Hike it up and be ready for action.
  7. Eat peaches (or other juicy fruit) naked: The summer gives us a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies, so strip and enjoy them. There is not much sexier than juicy fruit falling on bare skin.
  8. Melt ice on each other's bodies: One of my favorite activities on a hot day is to melt a piece of ice on the back of my neck. Add nudity and a partner and you have a very sexy recipe, indeed.
  9. Sex on a boat: A perennial favorite of mine, this one is not to be missed. Just be careful to anchor!
  10. Sex against a tree or on a rock in the woods: Take a hike together, find a secluded spot, and get it on against a tree or on top of a large rock or stump.
  11. Kissing in the rain: Summer rainstorms are really perfect for one thing: kissing. Do more if it suits you.
  12. Outdoor massages: Whether it's on two tables in your backyard or at a resort, outdoor partner massages are a great prelude to relaxed, excellent sex.
  13. Get sweaty: The summer is hot, hot, hot. And sweat is sexy. Run together, get good and soaked, and then hop in the shower together. Or don't.
  14. Flirt with the pool boy: Flirting is such a nice way to feel hot and bring that home to your man. Unleash a little bit at the pool and then a whole lot more when you get home.
  15. Admire a lifeguard: Tan, toned bodies are good for getting in the mood, if not for touching. Watch and imagine and then let that fantasy fuel you at home.
  16. Skinny dip: After dark when the pool or lake is empty, slip out of your clothing and feel the water on your bare skin. It's a delicious way to spend a romantic evening together.
  17. Apply sunscreen to each other: Rub it in really well and enjoy your fingers slipping over your spouse's shoulders. Imagine you aren't at the beach and let that mood last.
  18. Shower together outside: After the beach, get some alone time in an outdoor shower and help get all the sand off each other.
  19. Go commando: Summer is the perfect time to forget underwear. It's liberating and oh-so-sexy. Try it once.
  20. Take outdoor nude photos: Flash your hubby while he's taking a photo. Get naked on a dock and snap away. Use those photos to remember the dwindling days of summer when it's 10 below freezing and you have to de-ice the lock just to open the car door.

Of course, all is not lost if you don't get it all in this summer. There's always next summer. Besides, fall and winter do have their sexual perks as well. Think après-bonfire/cozy sex, hayrides, and flannel. Now go forth and enjoy!

What are some of your summer sex musts?


Image via Supagroova/Flickr

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