Who Travels With Mr. Bear? 25% of Men Do!

Man with teddy bearI feel that it's socially acceptable, at least more so, for a woman to sleep with a stuffed animal than a man. I slept with my childhood Fuzzy the Blue Lion (or what was left of him) up until I graduated college.

But for a guy to hold a stuffed animal ever so tightly as he sleeps? Umm ...

Needless to say, I was surprised to read in a recent study that 25% of men travel with some form of a Mr. Snuggles.


The Travelodge Hotel chain decided to do some research after a significant amount of reuniting man with lost bear. They surveyed 6,000 and 25% of men reported they take their teddy bear away with them when going away on business. The stuffed animal supposedly reminds them of home and -- some say -- helps fill a cuddle-void left by distant partners.

And here I thought men hated receiving stuffed animals as gifts. Turns out, it probably keeps them from cheating while they travel. I have to wonder if the reasoning behind it is the "companionship" or the embarrassment that the mistress might spot Mr. Snuggles -- but I guess whatever works, right? I know if I was to waltz into a man's hotel room (unknowing that he had a wife of course) and had a big ol' bear greeting me with fuzzy open arms, I may suddenly remember that I have an early morning meeting the next day.

Is a man traveling with a stuffed friend adorable or weird to you? Does your guy travel with a stuffed animal?


Image via CarbonNYC/Flickr

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