Sex Drought: How Often Do You Have Sex?

Talk about a sex drought. More than one-third of Japanese couples reported that they hadn't had sex in at least one month. In a government-sponsored study, men said it was because they were too tired after work. Women reported that sex was a hassle, according to a recent article from Reuters.


Japan is a long way away, so I was hoping people weren't having sex droughts here. But it turns out that Americans have this problem, too. According to the book, He's Just Not Up For It Anymore, 40 million Americans have low-sex or no-sex marriages. Even Madonna and Guy Ritchie supposedly had very little sex. But we want to avoid their fate.

The good news is that most people in this situation want to fix their sex lives. See the video for awesome tips from sexpert, Lana Holstein, M.D., author of Your Long Erotic Weekend.

I also found a great new CafeMom Group called Wife Spice. The mom who created it, WifeSpice.Admin, wrote a thoughtful journal post about taking marriage from fizzle to sizzle.

Have you ever had a sex drought? What have you done to snap out of it?

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