Nature Hikes to Sex Tours: 7 Romantic Labor Day Weekend Getaways

romantic getaways labor dayA long weekend is the perfect time for a romantic getaway. You don't have the pressure of a full-week vacation, yet your leisure time just increased by 24 hours. Whether your tastes are risque or tame, you'll find a romantic weekend option on this list.

From nude beaches to weddings, here is your guide to enjoying the last summer holiday with your main squeeze.


Visit a Deserted Island

Is there any place more romantic than a little slice of paradise that only you and your partner can enjoy? In addition to the hospitality staff, of course. There are ways to find a deserted island vacation that is safe, yet remote. If you have the cash, enjoy the exclusivity and the romance that surely will follow.

Take a Hike

With all of the amazing hiking trails on and off the beaten path, you should be able to take a day trip with your partner and find the right one for you. Get the blood pumping and stare in wonder as you reach the vista. Extra points for some deep woods groping -- just make sure you're well-hidden behind that bush.

Attend a Wedding

Surely you've got a wedding invite, someone is always getting married on Labor Day weekend! We're headed to a favorite cousin's wedding for the weekend and I always get misty when I hear a couple's vows. Reminding you of your wedding day (or inspiring you to get busy and commit already) is a great way to focus on why you're standing next to that person, fighting back the tears.

Impulse Flight

If you don't have any plans and have a little bit of disposable income, hit a budget airline website the night before your holiday weekend begins and take the cheapest flight to anywhere. Spontaneity will rev up your engine and no matter where you land, you'll be able to find a hotel room or semi-private area to re-connect as you bond over that crazy thing you just did.

Couples Resort

Nothing relaxes you and puts you in the mood like some serious pampering. Find a listing for an all-inclusive, spa on site, couples resort where the focus is 100 percent you and your amour. Take advantage of room service and never get out of bed the whole weekend. Or to really ignite that spark, find a clothing optional couples resort and go bare.


Tell everyone you're headed out of town then unplug. No cell phones (unless you're ordering delivery), no Internet ... just you, your significant other, and your bedroom. Or, take a break from the luxury of no expectations to try out that four-star restaurant. Dress up like you're on holiday, and enjoy the ease of getting a reservation since everyone else is out of town for the weekend.

Take a Sex Tour

Unlike the (illegal, immoral) versions we hear about on the news, there are plenty of major cities that have red light districts that you can enjoy with your love interest without paying for the services of a teen prostitute. Looking around and picking up something at the many sex shops can create a lot of heat when you're back at the hotel. While Amsterdam comes immediately to mind, you should also consider Hamburg, Germany or Montreal.


Image via Sarah McD/Flickr

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