Can a One-Night Stand Lead to Love?

one night stands lead to loveWho says one-night stands won't get you anywhere? Well, this guy, and these ladies, and the person who wrote the book, Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love, and Lose at Both.

It turns out you can turn, "What did I do?" into an "I do" with ease. A new study shows that people who engage in one-night stands can just as easily find themselves in a long-term relationship as those who delay having sex. Vindicated!

Like Tracy Clark-Flory at Salon's Broadsheet, I've never bought the party line that one-night stands are harmful to your love life. That is, as long as you're using protection so that dirty hot boy is the only thing you're taking home. The ideas that a) every woman is looking for a husband, and b) if you're a slut you won't get one are condescending and wildly inaccurate. These warnings are meant to strike fear into the young woman taking control of her sexuality and making her own rules.


Quite frankly, the loosening of sexual expectations is good for women, no longer forcing us to choose a "good" or "bad" girl persona. Your cubicle mate can be a hard worker who visits her Grandmother every Sunday ... after a night of hooking up in the bar bathroom. If -- and this is a huge if -- she also wants a committed relationship at some point, her behavior will not get in the way of that goal.

Finally, a win-win!

Now, we just have to convince everyone who believes that enjoying a casual sexual encounter means they won't find a mate to relax and go with the flow -- without giving up their goal. Sex should be embraced, not feared. If you are too busy thinking about the end game (love, marriage, babies), you're really not going to enjoy the ride.

Did you have a one-night stand that led to romance?

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