A Permanent Birth Control Method That Improves Orgasm? Yes! Yes! Yes?

permanent birth control orgasmTubal ligation and sex fiend aren't normally two phrases that go great together, but a new study from Australia is making me re-think my assumptions about sex after sterilization.*

Instead of a drop in sexual satisfaction after "sterilisation," as the Aussie study so dramatically puts it, there are multiple reports of positive sexual side effects after the tubes have been tied. In fact, ladies with the procedure seem to fare better than ladies who have not gone under the knife.


Out of the sample surveyed via telephone --

... sterilised women were significantly less likely than non-sterilised women to lack an interest in having sex ..., to take 'too long' to reach orgasm ..., to experience vaginal dryness during sex ..., and to find sex unpleasurable ...

Wow! Additionally, this sample reported "extremely" high levels of sexual and relationship satisfaction. So much for the idea that your drive to breed rules the boudoir.

I can see how not having to worry about getting pregnant anymore could help a lady lose her inhibitions, so perhaps the same could be said about a woman who had a husband that chose to go under the knife instead?

I'm all for taking control of your fertility once you're finished with the baby making, but a tubal ligation has always seemed much scarier than a vasectomy. Of course, I own the fallopian tubes in this discussion.

Does this study make you more open to getting a tubal ligation as birth control?


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*edited for accuracy

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