Dogs Make Better Lovers

puppyIt's officially time to stop comparing your man to other guys.

Guys with two legs that is.

A new survey by Purina found 31 percent of women think their dog makes a better listener than their human partner. 


They're not the only ones: 14 percent of guys said they get more puppy love than girl on guy action. 

I'm not taking Fido into the bedroom, but I wouldn't mind if my husband took on the dog as his role model.

After all:

1. When I'm cranky, the dog is smart enough to stay OUT of my way.

2. I can kick the dog out of bed when I want more room ... and there's no hangdog look in the morning.

3. She eats whatever I put in the bowl, and she never asks for hot sauce/ketchup/salt/pepper.

4. Her ears make excellent tissues, and she doesn't complain about snot on her collar when I cry.

5. Being afraid of water means she never uses up the hot water just before I'm going to shower.

6. She never corrects me. Especially when I'm thisclose to the edge.

7. She's up for a kiss anytime, anywhere. Then again ...

Don't worry: as long as the husband doesn't eat out of the litter boxes, I'm keeping him.

What could your spouse learn from the dog?


Image via R'eyes/Flickr

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